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Travel| Seoul-Insadong

Travel | Insadong, Jong-ro, Seoul. We visited the O'Sulloc Green Tea House to try out their famous Bingsoo

Mini picture diary of the old culture hub in Seoul, Insadong. We visited the Mokin museum and the O’Sulloc Tea House.

Image taken from the balcony of the Mokin Museum in Insadong.

Traditional Korean Garden behind the Mokin Museum

O’Sullocs Tea House

green tea ice cream & bingsoo (small size)

O’Sullocs tea house is the perfect destination for lovers of Matcha (green tea). Aside from its famous Bingsoo and deserts, It also stocks a variety of green tea products like spreads, face masks, drinks & etc.

If you visit on a quieter day, you may also treat yourself to hot & cold green tea samplings in the cafe.

O’Sulloc Cake Counter

A generous portion of its famous Green Tea Roll cake will set you back around €4,50 or 5,800W. We do however recommend the Bingsoo and sharing with a friend, the small portion size is large enough to share.



170 Gwanhun dong,



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