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Retail Design | ACNE STUDIOS Paris

Retail Design | We visited Acne Studios in Paris. See the incredible retail design and VM.

We visited Acne Studios independent store in Paris, France.


Located in the heart of one of the busiest fashion districts in Paris, this Acne Studios flagship store has an incredible VM and retail design. Designed by Bozarth Fornell, it Features industrial elements that contrast against vibrant acrylic partitions, this store is a dream for industrial design enthusiasts.

Acne Studios store entrance.

The studio is situated in a former metal shop built as a garage. The space does not have any windows except a skylight, which provides the space with some natural light a couple of hours a day. To increase the presence of natural light, a amber colored glass sheet rises from floor up to the ceiling gap, and a substantial numbers of fluorescents enhance the light to an almost biblical flood of radiance. By using aluminum partition walls we create scattered spaces, giving the store several expressions and uses. The aluminum reflects the small amount of natural light and equally reconnects to the history of the metal shop. The layout of the partitions invite the customer on an almost endless journey through the scattered spaces, which materialize in a different way depending your first direction at the point of entry. To attract the customers from the street, we have filtered the view of the entrance with a amber glass sliding door. When approaching, the door slides open and reveals the true colors of the studio.

-Bozarth Fornell


Acne Studios,

3 Rue Froissart,

75003 Paris, France

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