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Sustainable Fashion, the trend that will dominate 2019

Sustainable Fashion | The trend that will dominate Gen-z and Millenial consumerism.

& how it will affect Gen-z and Millenial consumerism.

We’ve broken down into this quick 3 minute read how a sustainable approach will be key to brands and retailers alike for 2019. This article contains Searcher intent, Influencers, Brand commitments & Marie Kondo (+ the media)

Searcher intent

Millennials and Gen-Z have become more socially and environmentally-conscious in all aspects of their lifestyles, and good at saying ‘no’ - to impulsive spending. It’s plausible that these new habits have led to an increase of search intent for ‘sustainable fashion‘, with the top related queries being ‘sustainable brands‘, ‘sustainable fashion brands‘ & ‘sustainable clothing‘.

Google Trend search for Sustainable Fashion
Search for ‘Sustainable Fashion‘ via Google Trends.

Recent research by Accenture suggest that younger buyers are more likely to demand higher ethical standards. The 14th annual Global Consumer Pulse Research suggests that most consumers prefer to buy goods and services from companies that reflect their personal values.

“Many companies have neglected to convey purpose due to complacency, lethargy or the fear of polarising people, which has allowed smaller players to rise.”

-Karen O’Regan | MD, Accenture Strategy

Influencers will join the movement

2018 hosted an epidemic of influencers starting discussions about the effects of product on the environment. Primary topics included the consequences of spontaneous consumerism via cheap fast fashion on the environment, to unnecessary packaging with shipments.

Popular beauty blogger Amata Chittasenee (pearypie) has moved on from primarily blogging about the latest beauty buys to talking about the environment and participating in cleanups around Thailand.

High street brands will make commitments

bestseller VERO MODA sustainable
Vero Moda SS19 ‘Real Women’ campaign

Back in November multi-brand retailers ASOS, Amazon, Missguided, Boohoo & Prettylittlething were invited by the environmental audit committee to give evidence at the House of Commons, UK. The audit requested information including staff wages, life-cycle of garments sold and their strategies for the reduction of the environmental and social impact of their businesses.

However strives are being made for a sustainable development in the fashion industry by brands collaborating with their suppliers for a sustainable direction and by doing so, inspiring their customers to make socially-conscious choices by offering sustainable products.

Aside from the higher price point brands getting involved in sustainable manufacturing, high street labels like BESTSELLER are also making way to work towards sustainability. BESTSELLER CEO, Anders Holch Povlsen has become actively involved in committing to be a carbon neutral brand.

“By preserving our climate, using resources efficiently and promoting human rights, business can be a positive force for change. We want to play a significant role in overcoming the biggest sustainability challenges and we see sustainability as a prerequisite for ongoing business success. Building on some good progress to date, we are now speeding up our efforts.”

– Anders Holch Polvsen | CEO, BESTSELLER

Marie Kondo and the media

Marie Kondo | “Does it spark joy?”

Not entirely just Marie Kondo, but our fascination with her methods are undeniable. The trending NETFLIX series is striking a cord with its’ viewers, ie. do we make reasonable decisions with our purchases? More importantly- does it ‘spark joy’?

We will be definitely be seeing more reality series’ of the like.

Apart from the popular streaming platform, we are also seeing a rise in ‘Minimalistic lifestyle‘ influencers and youtubers. The content of these videos have a prominent topic of quality>quantity. This trend could lead to a decrease in demand for cheaply made garments, causing an increase in average product values and an equal increase in the time between periods of purchases.

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