Sleep where art meets fashion, The Drawing Hotel, Paris

We stayed at the Drawing hotel during a Paris trip, see our visual diary recorded from our stay.

The Drawing Hotel is located in the centre of the fashion district in Paris. This hotel has its concept design centralised around art, with each floor of the hotel being curated by a contemporary artist. Our particular floor featured work by art professor Françoise Pétrovitch.

The Hotel also hosts Gallery space below and has a nicely curated art store within the lobby. See pictures from our visit below.

the drawing hotel bar
The D.Bar, ground floor bar to the hotel. (behind the lobby)
the drawing hotel gallery

Each hallway to the rooms is a mini art gallery, our floor contained vibrant pieces by Françoise Pétrovitch.

Pétrovitch has chosen to experience the artistic adventure of the Drawing Hotel through her work ‘Behind Eyelids’ (Derrière les paupières). She considers a night in a hotel as a night of its own that one spends in an in-between state in a different place, similar to intermittent fragments. Petrovitch has thus created a sequential cinema session along the corridor, which induces an open-eyed experience of drowsiness.

Drawing Hotel Website
the drawing hotel room
Standard room design.
the drawing hotel rooftop
Rooftop at night.

Hotel Address|

Drawing Hotel,

17 rue de Richelieu,

75001 Paris

Editors note: The D.Bar located in the hotel is well worth a visit, great hospitality and service.

the drawing hotel bar

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