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Korean minimalist fashion influencers to follow.

The Korean fashion community has set the bar for Minimalist fashion, the sophistication & simplicity of this trend is perfect for everyone.

See our 6 current favourite minimalist fashion accounts from Korea below.

FT. image instagram: i.Hyun

Minimalism in on the rise in the fashion industry, it’s sleek, timeless and no-fuss. The longevity value of the style = less consumption, making it a great style for a sustainable wardrobe. Although it may look simple but it’s not an easy look to pull off. No worries! we’ve picked 6 Korean instagrammers who have mastered the minimal look. See our top picks below.

1. Nari

Nari is a Creative Director & Designer for, her instagram account is a bounty of classic and simple looks. Many of her outfits feature items from her store, visit her instagram account here.

2. Aran

Instagrammer Aran is also affiliated to a clothing brand in Korea, she often sports the brand URBANIC30 (in most posts). Her style has a 70’s-80’s accent to her polished look, visit her insta account here.

3. Hyun

For a more feminine take on the minimalist style, instagrammer Hyun features a lot of flowy & pretty elements into her OOTD, visit her gorgeous insta account here.


Definitely one of our favourite insta accounts, MONE incorporates a lot of high fashion brands into her look. She’s also a bit more adventurous with her choices,.. in a good way. Would definitely hit follow, visit her account here.

5. Kang JiHye

While fetching images for this article- I had stumbled upon this instagram account via suggestions & completely loved the outfits at first sight. Menswear designer JiHye has seasoned plenty of male influences into her choices, follow her interesting account here.

6. Park ChoEun

If you’re looking for a more extroverted form of minimalism, head to the account of Park ChoEun here, you’ll find plenty of minimal looks but with the odd touch of colour or print.

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