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Review | COSRX propolis light ampule

I tried the propolis ampule by COSRX for 3 months,… I can say I’m now a fan.

The name COSRX is derived from ; Cosmetics + Rx (Prescription).
Hinting at its scientific background for the “best solutions for various skin problems“.

First impressions

IT’S TINY!however it’s worth noting that a little goes a long way with this product. The bottle comes with a dropper, so it’s easy to apply (just apply what’s necessary). I use 4 drops in my skin routine; my forehead, each cheek and my chin area. Its’ content is highly rich with moisture, for me one drop covered each area nicely, anything more would be overkill.

FYICOSRX has updated the packaging on this product since I purchased it.


Unlike other ampules I have used in the past, the texture in this ampule is not sticky or tacky. The texture feels more water based than anything and it absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. Your skin won’t feel heavy after using this propolis ampule, it’s actually very light and hydrating.


My skin is the combination type, I have a nasty oily t-zone, but my cheek and chin area is pretty dry (literally cracks if I don’t drink enough water). I also live in a windy country.. so it doesn’t help with the dryness. I apply the COSRX propolis light ampule every night after applying toner (occasionally after using a face mask), following the ampule I apply lotion or moisturiser (post 10-15 minutes).


Direct after application you will immediately notice that the skin looks & feels super hydrated. I actually really like how my skin looks after using this, I could go straight outside with a light makeup because it gives the skin a healthy & glassy glow. Another thing ; I had to go two days without my moisturiser (shocker, let myself run out), but pleasantly to my surprise, the hydration was enough to save my skin from going to crap!


I will definitely buy another one when this bottle runs out, I’m only halfway through it now at 3 months. I only apply it at night time (apart from the weekend when I have more time.) so it’s lasting longer compared to those who include it in their morning routine. The price is pretty sound for the benefits i’m getting out of it, my skin looks a lot brighter since I started using it. Really liked the results out of this so i’m dying to try the other COSRX ampules (particularly interested in the gel type.), this ampule has easily wiggled its way into my top 3 favourite ampules.

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