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Korean Bag Brands on the Rise

We've picked Korean bag brands that are on the rise in South Korea. You may not have heard of these bag brands yet, but you will pretty soon.

We’ve picked trending Korean bag brands that are on the rise in South Korea. You may not have heard of these brands yet, but you will pretty soon.

South Korea‘s pop culture popularity continues to rise worldwide, this has sustained the growth of its independent domestic brands and luxury market. Despite all the hardships of 2020, these fashion brands continue to thrive. See the emerging Korean Bag Brands that we are excited for.

feat. image | Yunsé / AW”20


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This stellar, young brand Yunsé, has only been around since 2018. Yunsé creates both clothing and accessories, however their bags this AW20 really stand out. The brand is recently on the rise and has been sported by many Korean Celebs and Insta Models.

We are particularly loving their Snake Print 3-Way-Round Bag (featured pic), the bag is designed with Italian cow skin leather and beautifully embellished with metal hardware. See more bags by Yunsé here.

See more bags by Yunsé here.


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Another young Korean brand, KOOIMOOI has been growing steadily and boosts a variety of unique bag styles within their collection. We are particularly in love with one of the simpler models, the ‘Lovo’ Bag (featured pic), made from cow leather and designed with 18k gold plated hardware.

Their bags are extremely affordable for their high quality, at prices from $165-$220.

See more bags by KOOIMOOI here.


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Archivépke is a unique brand that designs both shoes and bags, their motto is “études for people with a keen sense”. The bag collection includes canvas and nylon as well as leather bags.

The Nylon Scrunchie Bag caught our eye while scrolling through their gallery of goodies. This style of bag is trending locally in Korea right now, and we love the forest green colour of the bag.

See more bags by Archivépke here.


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Bright, colourful and cute- BELYSA is an eclectic mix of 90’s magazine fashion meets a pastel rainbow. Aside from their cute mini bag variations, they have designed a small range of funky phone cases that allow you to wear your device like a bag.

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See more bags by BELYSA here.


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Founded by designers Sungeun Um and Soonyoung Kim, this contemporary bag designer line emulates 70’s and 80’s glamour. The recent success and demand for the brand has led it to being stocked at global fashion giant FARFETCH.

See more bags by MARGE SHERWOOD here.

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