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Seoul-cation | Ryse Hotel Seoul, The hotel for creatives and artists alike.

The Ryse Hotel is located in the centre of the Hongdae district in Seoul. Similar to the Drawing hotel in Paris, the Ryse Hotel has its concept design centralised around art and creativity, From the “Tartine” coffeeshop located on the ground floor, to the “Side Note Club” bar at the top floor. It’s also worth noting that the Ryse is apart of the Marriott Hotel group in Korea. See our diary of the experience at the creative hotel below.

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Gentle Monster store visit, Hongdae, Seoul.

See the inside of popular Korean eyewear brand “Gentle Monster” and their Concept store in, Hongdae, Seoul.
The brand has redefined modern eyewear trends, and has not held back on its concept experiments with its flagship stores. For Gentle Monsters Hongdae branch, it has a unique design-fusion of technology meets colosseum, see the stylish store interior below.