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Style notes from Korean Fashion Instagram accounts for A/W 2020

Autumn 2020 has arrived, it’s time to re-look at our wardrobes and to start piecing together our A/W 2020 Fashion outfits, although this year- we may not be going out as much as last year. As we look East for inspiration, For your convenience, we’ve picked 5 Korean instagram account who serve some class A/W 2020 fashion looks ready for you to be inspired from, See our picks here.

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Gentle Monster store visit, Hongdae, Seoul.

See the inside of popular Korean eyewear brand “Gentle Monster” and their Concept store in, Hongdae, Seoul.
The brand has redefined modern eyewear trends, and has not held back on its concept experiments with its flagship stores. For Gentle Monsters Hongdae branch, it has a unique design-fusion of technology meets colosseum, see the stylish store interior below.